Join us, fight child trafficking and transform lives. 

Your tax-deductible donation will support Friends of Thai Daughters, a non-profit organization providing education, safe shelter and emotional support to girls at risk of being trafficked in Northern Thailand.

Our program is intensive, comprehensive, long-term and produces amazing outcomes.

If you would like to get more personally involved in our program, we invite you to sponsor one of our Daughters.

Sponsorships provide critical funding for each daughter’s education as well an opportunity to build a mentoring relationship with the Sunflower House family. Mentoring is an essential part of FTD’s program and is one of the key reasons our program graduates are well adjusted, educated, and self-sufficient young women.


Daughter sponsors donate $2500 per year (or $210 per month) to provide tuition, transportation, school fees and support. They are invited to engage in a pen pal relationship through letters and/or Skype. All sponsors will receive letters from their sponsored daughter(s).

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Friends of Thai Daughters is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization.

PO Box 370, Trevett, ME 04571 USA

EIN # 59-3823613

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